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you set me free
11th-Jan-2017 03:35 pm - the k yuigoh conspiracy
trainology: luna looks bored (i'm best at watching。)
so i was sent a strange thing in the mail that i received yesterday. it was a small envelope sent to me from a k[scribble scribble] yugioh from statesville, north carolina. it was addressed to me at my exact location, first and surnames spelled correctly. it was absolutely certainly supposed to reach me on purpose. it has a single upside-down purple heart award stamp in the corner, on the back it says "do not bend" and inside is a busted up - or what i have assumed is a - card holder. the hard plastic on the outside is cracked at the bottom and covered in tape residue that i've nervously picked away at most of. it's a lil grimy. the flexible sleeve inside is blue on one side, frosty on the other and also falling apart.


i have no idea why it was sent to me or what i'm supposed to do w it. but i'm sending it back w a king of hearts in the sleeve, addressed to real name of the resident of the return address (which we totally looked up ofc). the return sender shall be s[scribble]L[scribble]y waters of mars and the stamp will be sideways.

we'll see what happens.
18th-Aug-2016 11:11 am - this is it
trainology: a cgi flower opens and closes (~*~*~*)
"Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be, and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be."
13th-Jul-2016 01:39 pm - snap me chatty p.2
trainology: yao yao poses with a giant burger (munch crunch。)
more snapchat from the past few weeks. image heavy sor

x )
12th-Jul-2016 12:29 pm - owie
trainology: taeyeon in bed (a safety net。)
things that make the tip of my nose sting with the warning of tears
  • kyle: "i'm your person"
  • krystal: "but they don't really feel you"
  • andrew: "with every fiber of my being"
9th-Jul-2016 12:50 pm - ax 2016
trainology: yoona with a fan banner (you set me free。)
there were some highlights. and so then i guess. also some lowlights. but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? so i'll let them speak for themselves

18th-Jun-2016 09:12 pm - ♥ ♥ ♥
trainology: luna and artemis (you're as cool as could be。)
should i be scared of how happy i am right now? maybe. but this is honestly the happiest i've been in a long long long time. and i'm just going to dive head first into it and let it do what it will to me, for better or for worse, bc it feels so nice to love and be loved.
11th-Jun-2016 07:53 am - ss things
trainology: john sulks as he listens to jade ramble on about something (me encanta escucharte hablar)
Me: 23, lives in an alternate but coordinating dimension, weepy but stylish, loves puzzle games more than they're worth
9th-Jun-2016 11:19 pm - genuine hatred actually
trainology: gamzee makara on some wild trip (slurp that high beam。)
god i am honestly so sick in the fucking head and i can tell? all the time??? whenever i do fucking anything like it's not like i don't know it. it's not like i can't tell and it's not like i don't wish with every part of me that i could just not be this way. i know it i know all about it and that just makes it worse. i wish i didn't know i was fuckign crazy and that it is apparent in everything i do.
20th-May-2016 05:47 pm - my dumpling~
trainology: sunny tries to give tiffany a kiss (we're all we need。)
i got to see my sister for the first time in more than a year and it was p nice. there is always drama w my family, never fails. and sophia is rather vulgar and frank and it can be what causes the drama sometimes, if not just feel abrasive and uncomfortable. but i missed her and i love her. i wish i has the energy for words lately. but hey have this corny graphic bc sophia has a rainbow butterfly tattoo on her heel and it's rly pretty.

10th-May-2016 04:32 am
trainology: seohyun during a photoshoot (listen up boy。)
 apparently my voice is a pretty oceany color to at least one particular person with synesthesia which sounds really nice and is something i'm going to remember next time I rly hate myself
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